What You Should Know Before Buying Knitwear

Just like any other clothing you own, you should think hard and well first before actually allowing yourself to hand over that card. Each and every clothing that you own should be an investment on your part to ensure that you are not just wasting a good amount of money for nothing. Quality is still more important than quantity. Sometimes it is fine to buy expensive clothing, as long as you are sure that it is high quality and will not end up loosing threads in the days to come.

The most common type of knit clothing are sweaters. There are two types, which are: zip up or button down, and pullovers. The button down type, as the name implies, are open in front with buttons or zippers which you can close during cold days or as a fashion statement.

Pullovers don’t have either and they are the ones which you put over your head and slide your arms on the sides to be able to wear it. Knowing the difference between the two is already a bragging right for you in the fashion industry.

There are other types of knitwear in the market: beanies, swimsuits, cardigans, crop tops, blouses, etc. The list is endless. If you have been wanting to buy that knit clothing for a long time but you are just not sure if its going to be a good clothing investment, here are a two main tips to help you in deciding.

The Material Used

There are different types of materials used for knitwear. These materials include but are not limited to wool, silk, cotton, hemp and other synthetic materials. The care for each type depends on the material used and will be discussed next.

Wool usually  comes from animal skin, like sheep or  goat. Cashmere, which comes from goats, is the most preferred material because it is soft, warm and lighter than the other materials. Wool is more durable compared to other synthetic materials. Cotton and is less likely to obtain holes due to long use.

Wool knit clothes are preferred to be used outdoors because of its ability to absorb moisture and its insulation. Aside from that, it also does not retain body odor therefore does not require frequent washing and cleaning.

Silk, on the other hand, comes from insects and is considered to be a great material. It is breathable and is more lightweight than wool. Other materials, are cheaper but the quality is not as good in comparison to the organic ones. These materials are also easier to maintain and to take care of.

How To Take Care Of It Depending On The Material Used

Wool should be hand washed in temperate water and gentle soap. Avoid putting it in the dryer because it will shrink due to its ability to contain moisture. Just spread it out on a flat surface and allow to air dry. Also, do not hang up in a hanger. Just fold wool knitwears and do not jam and keep in an enclosed space. Allow space for it to be exposed to air.

The care is similar with silk and cotton although they don’t shrink as much. Washing and dry cleaning should be done sparingly. Also, do not use silk when you tend to sweat a lot because it absorbs sweat and causes yellow stains.

The other materials can be machine washed but still needs care when washing to extend the longevity of the clothing.

Knitwear Styling Tips For Women

Although knit clothing can be worn by both genders, the population that has the higher demand for knit wear are women. The types of clothing available for women are swimwears, coveralls, sweaters, different tops, skirts and shorts, etc.

Knitwear are predominantly casual in nature and anyone can wear this type of clothing anywhere. The DOs and DONTs of fashion still apply though. You do not want to end up looking weird or funny if you wear or mix knitwear with something that does not match with it. Looking good takes time and the way you wear your clothes will reflect your self-confidence.

Here are some styling tips to keep in mind whenever you want knit clothes to be a part of your attire:

Body Shape

Always consider your body shape and built whenever you wear something. This does not only apply for knitwear but for all types of clothing. We’ll only emphasize on knitwear because the fitting can be weird at times. So if you have a pear shaped body, emphasize your slimmest area, which is the waist. Invest on clothing which will look good with belts. If you are petite, look for clothes that will make you look tall, like shorts or skirts, crop tops, etc. For the athletically built, buy clothes with feministic illusions but take the attention off your shoulders. Tight or body hugging clothes work well with those hourglass shaped females.

Versatility Of Clothing

Always thinks of the number of occassions when you will be able to wear your knitwear. For example, a V-neck knit sweater (either a button down or a pullover) can be worn during casual days. You can put it over a shirt, or if the neckline is not too low, you can wear it by itself. You can also use the sweater as an accessory or something to accentuate your look, like placing it over you shoulder for a preppy touch. There are lots of things you can do with certain pieces. Make sure you think of how you can wear a piece before you purchase it.

Mix And Match

Do not be afraid to mix and match different clothing materials. Your attire does not necessarily have to be knit all over or silk all over. You just have to find the perfect pair that will reflect your personality. You can just use the knit clothing as an accessory, like a knit scarf or a knit beanie. Or you can use knit coats or sweaters during cold days. During summer, you can have knit cover ups over spandex swimsuits. There is no definite rule when wearing knit clothing. Just be yourself and be confident about it. You will be the one to bring personality to your clothes, not the other way around.

Quality Over Quantity

Your things or clothing do not necessarily have to be expensive, nor should you compromise the quality of your clothes just to get a good deal. Be smart in choosing and purchasing knit wear. Look at the quality and intricate knit patterns. Make sure to check on meeting points (shoulders, armpits, sleeve cuffs,etc.) for any signs of damages.


How To Wear A Knitted Dress

The versatility of a certain clothing is one of the things to look at before buying a piece. You should be able to think of a few mix and matches for a clothing and consider all the possible events and occasions where you can wear it. Especially on the part of women, a dress is an essential part of their wardrobe and sometimes, it’s just that – a dress. In that case, the dress would fail miserably on versatility.

Isn’t it fun to have a dress that you can transform into anything and anywhere, especially when you travel? This means less and lighter luggage for you. If you let your imagination run wild and allow yourself to think of the possibilities, then you might find out that there are more than ten ways to make a dress different than its original form.

Here are 13 tips how to do it for 13 different occassions, remember that you can also repeat the shoes, the bags and the accessories depending on the event.

Beach Dress

knitted beach dress

When you are wearing that itsy bitsy bikini and have to go somewhere else or you want a cover up, then a knit dress is perfect. You just have to pair it with flip flops, a colorful beach bag and big, nice sunglasses to complete the look.

Cafe Dress

kitted cafe dress

This would be the time you will be thankful you invested on nice accessories. You can wear a set of earrings, necklace and a bangle or you can even add a belt. Just make sure that its not too much. Pair the knit dress with comfortable ballet flats and a big bag.

Evening Dress

knitted evening wear

It’s better to make it simple yet classy for evening occasions. Wear a pair of heels and a clutch bag to complete your style.

Under An Open Shirt

This can pass as an evening look, but when it gets cold and chilly, you can add a cool open shirt over your knit dress.

Under A Closed Shirt

This is a whole new look, especially if you add a belt over it. It’s best for a lunch or brunch date.

Over A Shirt

knitted over a shirt

You can do this with the same shirt mentioned for number 4 and 5, especially if you dont want to cover the design of the dress but you want to feel warm.

With A Sweater

This will make you more laid back than in number 4. Adding a sweater on top of the dress will not only keep you warm, it will make you look sweet and very feminine as well.

With A Jacket

Adding a jacket over the cafe dress look is best for those cold coffee dates with your friends.

Under A Skirt

You can wear a skirt over the dress and it will look like a whole new dress. Just make sure that the skirt is longer than the actual dress underneath.

With A Shawl

Perfect for a dinner date or for a formal occasion. You can just put the shawl above your dress or you can tie it infront to make it look like a cute topper.

Pinned Up As A Tunic

You can wear pants underneath the dress. Just make sure to pin or fold the dress to make it look like a tunic or just a long shirt. This look is classy and will pass as an ofice attire.

With Leggings

If you want to wear leggings underneath the dress instead of jeans, it is fine not to fold the dress. You can just wear knee high leggings and a scarf to make your look complete.


This is going to be hard to pull off and do not do it if the dress will obviously look like its worn backward. Wear a chunky  beaded necklace and a long sleeve shirt underneath.

Benefits Of Wearing Knit Clothes

The reputation of knit clothing is gaining its popularity as a trendy everyday wear nowadays. It used to be winter wear only, like beanies, mittens, socks and jackets. But now, different types of clothes emerged and the use of knit wear has become famous for any weather or climate. The different types of knit clothes today include swimwear, tops like blouses and those cute crop tops, shorts and skirts, etc.

There are different kinds of threads and materials used for knit clothes but each is as trendy and as comfortable as the other. If you don’t own a single knit clothing today, here are a few reasons why you should start investing in this type of clothing:

It Is Comfy

comfy knitwear

The most common choice of material used in knit clothing is cotton, although there are a lot more materials that can be used for knit clothing. But having said that, each material used for knit clothing is just as comfortable as the other because of the way the thread is arranged or the way it is knit together. Knit threads are soft, warm and stretchy that it follows the movement of the wearer and adapts to the body of whoever is wearing the clothing.

It Is Affordable

tee and me knitwear

Knit clothing is very affordable even though it is handmade, unlike the machine made clothing that can be very expensive at times. There can be some pieces that are more expensive, depending on the designer labels. Be smart about what you buy and keep in mind that brand is not everything. The material is the same, the way it is knit together is the same, therefore there is no need for you to buy the expensive ones all the time. Aside from the fact that knit clothing are inexpensive, the care and maintenance is also easy and cheap. You do not have to bring it to a dry-cleaner. You can just hand wash it using soap and warm water and no need to spin dry.

It Is Unique

designer knitwear

Each knit clothing is unique in itself, each piece has a different personality and each can adapt to what you really want in an everyday wear. You can use it just to accentuate your look or you can use it as your main get-up. It depends on you. If you know someone who accepts knitting jobs or a supplier of such, you can ask for personalized wear so you can choose the color, the design, etc.

It Absorbs Moisture

Materials used in knit clothing are highly absorbent and because of this quality, it can still provide warmth even when it’s wet. That is why there are also emerging knit swimsuits in the market.

It Is Predominantly Casual

You can wear it anywhere and everywhere, especially during your dress down days. It can be easily paired with a pair of jeans and sneakers or skirt and ballet flats, etc. There are also knit swimsuits and cover ups available so you can still wear knit clothing even during summer. Aside from that, you can wear knit toppers or cardigans over your dress.